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Welcome to Rapid Organic Pvt. Ltd.

Based in Sanchore (Jalore, Rajasthan, India), Rapid Organic maintains a high standard in organic farming. More than 3000 farmers are registered with us in 6 different clusters across Rajasthan. Our clusters have nearly 1000 certified organic farmers and another 2000 farmers are under conversion who are actually in their either 2nd or 3rd year of certification process.

Rapid Organic is also engaged with IPM & PR free farming and one of the leading producer of IPM & PR free Cumin, Coriander Dill seed, Fennel, Quinoa, Fenugreek, kasuri Methi, Amaranth, Sesame & Psyllium with more than 5000 farmers.

A bond of trust and co-operation with farmers and customers is extremely important to promote organic farming in India. We are happy to share it with all our esteemed customers that the continued patronage of farmers towards organic farming, phenomenal worldwide growth in the demand of quality organic foods and medicinal herbs motivated our organization to manage a complete chain of producing organic food by actively working throughout the whole process of production that means from the sowing of seeds to the processed final product. As a value, we believe in maintaining healthy and long-term relationships with the farmers/suppliers and our valued customer by providing outstanding services.

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Why Easy To Work With Us?
  • 1. Rich experience in organic food industry with most reliable, trusted and active field network. We have a very strong farmer base as we have been working with them from a very long time.

  • 2. Successfully done many backward interagetion project with our registered farmers. Including organic and IPM&PR free farming we are directly connected with more than 8000 farmers.

  • 3. Actively working in organic as well as in IPM&PR farming since 2000 with a very positive feedback from our clients as well as from our farmers.

  • 4. With our wide range of organic products of best quality we keep total transparency regarding product quality, test reports and certifications.

  • 5. With 2000 acres of certified organic farms we are producing Organic Spices, Organic Cereals, Organic Pulses and Oil Seeds, Organic Dry Fruits, Organic Medicinal herbs and processing Organic Daily Flavors, Organic Edible Oils, Organic Jaggery, Organic Sugar and many more.

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Words of Gratitude to Mr. Vivek Bindra

Its a proud moment for us that our company is considered as an example of success in organic sector by India'a most renowned motivational speaker Daily Motivation by Dr. Vivek Bindra sir. Dr. Vivek Bindra sir we really appreciate your kind intention to promote organic food and due to your post this particular sector will get a complete new attention and also the end farmer who is growing organic food will also get benefit due to this. Thank you once Again from Team of Rapid Organic Pvt. Ltd.
LINK: https://twitter.com/DrVivekBindra/status/1074588836653658112

India SME 100 Award 2019

It was a proud moment for Rapid Organic that it awarded as one of the top 100 MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise) of year 2019 by Ministry of Micro, small and medium Enterprise in the presence of chief Guest Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Ministry of MSME and Transport and Mr.Pratap Chandra sarangi, state minister of MSME, and Mr, Arun Kumar panda, secretary, MSME, and Joint Secretary Miss Alka Arora and chairman of SME forum Mr. Vinod Kumar

International Glory Award 2021

August 2021 Award: Rapid Organic awarded by bollywood star Sonu Sood ji for his excellent work in organic food sector. These award given to Mr. Yogesh Joshi (Director: Rapid Organic) under the award title: "Best Organic Food & Beverages Company". Award event was organized by Vkonnect Star in Goa.


A leading producer, processor and exporter of organic food within domestic arena. The company is aggressively prorogating organic farming in the regions mainly encompassing virgin landscape and is evolving as a reliable brand for organic food.