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Rapid Organic Pvt. Ltd

Born in a village of Rajasthan, Mrs. Aruna Joshi is an Agri women entrepreneur running her own start up to support women farmers in her area by promoting organic farming. After completing graduation in Arts she was looking to do something for women empowerment. Her quest ends when she came to know about Organic Farming. Even of Organic Farming was not her subject of expertise she decided to promote organic farming especially in between women farmers. At that time she thought that it was the only way she can help local women farmers to stand on their feet. After her marriage with Mr. Yogesh Joshi, She started her own company with her husband to build a sustainable platform to support and promote organic farming and its benefits. Initially she decided to associate a small number of women farmers and with only 10 women farmers she took her first step to make her vision real.


She started to provide them appropriate trainings to make them realize the necessity of organic farming, its benefits and how to implement these practices in precise manner to get better outcome. She arranged all types of primary bio inputs for farming and also executed practical session regarding the process to use them instead of using harmful chemical fertilizers. With her strong vision and desperation to promote organic farming, she successfully converted all of them into organic farming. One day she came to know about Organic Quinoa somewhere on internet as one of the most consumable super food of the world. After her deep study on the crop she found that Rajasthan can be one of the best places to grow Quinoa because it has most suitable climate for Quinoa. She was excited to cultivate Quinoa in her area and with her efforts somehow she managed to get Quinoa Seeds for plantation.

She selected some women farmers to grow quinao in their field. With her guidance and proper instruction each farmer got very good yield. After testing final seeds in Laboratory, She came to know that Indian Quinoa is smaller in size but has much more nutritional properties as compare to Peru Quinoa. She started to promote Quinoa in domestic market and the demand was there so slowly the number of organic quinoa women farmers was increasing. Currently she is working with more than 300 organic certified farmers out of which more than 100 farmers are women. Her company is working with these farmers by the mean of contract farming and for each farmer her company has made a buy back agreement. The annual production is around 500 MT including white, red and black quinao and the total area is around 450 Hectares.

She is a kind of person who always wants to support women in all possible ways and to encourage them to stand on their own feet for their families. She loves to cook with her women employees and also like to spend time with them. For her company she is a type of backbone who takes care of all farm or field level activities like farmer gathering, meeting and training programs. She loves to spend her time among farmers to be friendly with them and to support them.

Being a mother of two kids she also needs to take care of her kids and to manage her house as a housewife. Even of that she tried her best to spend her time as much as possible for women empowerment.

She recently launched her own brand with the name “Mahiya”. She decided this name because her elder daughter’s name is “Mahi” and first letter of her husband name is “Y” and her own name starts with “A” so in combine it is “Mahiya”.

Mrs Aruna Joshi
Rapid Organic Pvt. Ltd



Rapid Organic Pvt Ltd. A company based in India, originated from the princely state of Rajasthan is emerging as a leading producer, processor and exporter of organic food. The company is aggressively prorogating the technique of organic farming in the regions mainly encompassing virgin landscape and is evolving as a reliable brand for organic food.