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Rapid Organic Pvt. Ltd

I have started my journey as a Program Officer for organic farming in 2009 under M.R.Morarka GDC Rural Research foundation, Jaipur. As a Program Officer I have implemented many of my practices of organic farming in field area and also learned many new concepts as well. During the work I personally so impressed and understand the benefits of using organic food in our life. With this impulse of thought I have decided to launch my own startup in organic sector.


At the mid of 2010 I have started my own company named as Rapid Organic with the clear picture and fixed goal in my mind. The goal was to convert conventional farming into organic and we started to visit local farmers and initially only 7 farmers joined us who were actually interested in organic farming.

We started to organize organic farming training programs to farmers in which we explained the benefits of organic food and organic farming. We explained them the way we can do organic farming, the best organic farming practices. We organized practical sessions in which we created different organic pesticides, organic fertilizers and some more. With great efforts of my team we got a very positive response from farmers as well as from consumers. .

As of now, We are connected to more than 3000 farmers out of which 1000 farmers are organic certified farmers and remaining 2000 are either in their 2nd or 3rd certification phase. Apart from these we are connected directly or indirectly to approx. 5000 farmers who are engaged with IPM & PR free farming. We have more than 190 of different organic products as of now.

It’s my vision to convert the conventional farming into organic farming so we can free our food and land from chemical and harmful pesticides and to save our earth, our health, our upcoming generation, the entire human kind, the entire animals that are directly or indirectly dependent on farming and the future of the world.

Mr Yogesh Joshi
Rapid Organic Pvt. Ltd


Rapid Organic Pvt Ltd. A company based in India, originated from the princely state of Rajasthan is emerging as a leading producer, processor and exporter of organic food. The company is aggressively prorogating the technique of organic farming in the regions mainly encompassing virgin landscape and is evolving as a reliable brand for organic food.